"Blind Spot"
Blind Spot
Season 1
Episode 10
Total Episode Count 10
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"License to Sell"
"Very Superstitious"

Blind Spot is the tenth episode of season one of Fresh off the boat.


Jessica invites her boyfriend from college, Oscar over and is angry when she sees that Louis isn't jealous. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to get chicken pox from Evan in order to escape doing a science project which Evan and Emery very much were prepared and overqualified for, but Evan has plans of infecting Emery instead.



End Tag

Oscar performs his Aladdin on Ice audition in front of the family, including the two sick kids. Both Jessica and Louis express admiration for their "ex-boyfriend". As he finishes he says he feels confident of his chances while a zoom in shows him getting chicken pox.


  • Vanessa: Mr. Huang, you are so funny.
  • Louis: Oh, Vanessa, you're just saying that cuz I'm the boss.
  • Vanessa: No, really Louis. I think the sexiest part of a man is his funny bone. (seductively) I bet you have a big bone.
  • Louis: Funny you should mention that ... I do have unusually large bones. Runs in the family. My great grandfather, bones like a cinderblock, went swimming one time, died.
  • (Vanessa looks at him, put off and concerned)
  • Louis: Anyway, keep up the good work.

  • Honey: Marvin would never let me keep my exes over. He gets way too jealous.
  • Jessica: Huh. Nancy said that same thing about Herb.
  • Honey: Who's Nancy?
  • Jessica: Herb's girlfriend.

  • Louis: Hey Oscar, remember Booby Johnson from college? Turns out she had a thing for me.
  • Oscar: Yes she did. She really liked you Louis. All the girls did, but they knew she could never have you because you were going out with me.
  • (Louis becomes struck with shock and spits out his water)

  • Jessica: Wait, so you bought Louis a hundred dollar french press and all I get is this cheap sweatshirt that says "Orlando" on it? I live in Orlando.
  • Oscar: It was all they had at the airport.
  • Jessica (enraged): AT THE AIRPORT!?

  • (Louis and Oscar enter a lesbian bar, seeing Jessica, drinking out of depression there)
  • Oscar: Does she know this is a-
  • Louis: Nope.

  • (Faye, the bartender at the lesbian bar notices Louis and Oscar)
  • Faye: (to Jessica) These two guys giving you trouble? (to Oscar and Louis) What are you two sperm bags doing here? Tired of running the world?
  • Oscar: I'm a gay Asian okay? The only thing I run are half-marathons.
  • Faye: Proceed.

  • Jessica: So, what you're saying is, it doesn't matter if you're guy or straight. The one thing we can all agree on, is that I am hot.
  • (Louis and Oscar nod their heads in agreement)


  • Jessica's being oblivious to Oscar being gay or "her gay-dar being broken" is continuity of the events of the episode Fajita Man, where she sold a house to Andy and Randy, a gay couple, and was completely oblivious to the fact that they were gay even when they directly explained it to her.
  • In this episode, Evan and Emery are implied to go to the same school as Eddie, seeing as how they both had the same homework for the same day. This is contradictory with the Pilot episode where Evan and Emery are shown to ride a different bus to a different school than Eddie. This would be contradicted again, later, in the episode Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon, where they were seen at a different school than him again.
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