"Bring the Pain"
Bring the Pain
Season 2
Episode 24
Written By Sanjay Shah
Directed By Bill Purple
Production Code 2AXT24
Air Date May 24, 2016
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"Coming From America"

Bring the Pain is the twenty-fourth episode of season 2 of Fresh off the Boat, and the thirty-seventh episode overall. It is also the Season 2 finale, that aired on May 24, 2016.


Louis' brother, Gene comes to visit. However, Louis seriously hates Gene yet he decides to play nice with his brother in order to inspire his sons to refrain from sibling rivalry. Eddie wants to watch Chris Rock's "Bring the Pain", but Jessica forbids him and Evan and Emery are forcing him to abide by her rules. It also doesn't help when Allison pressures and scolds Eddie for not watching the show yet so they can start chatting about it.




Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Ken Jeong as Gene


  • Louis proves that he automatically prefers Emery and Evan over Eddie because when they were fighting over the TV remote, Louis immediately grabbed Eddie away and started scolding him.
  • Ken Jeong guest stars as Gene.
  • With this episode, Louis's entire immediate family is now known. His father and brother appeared in this episode.