Chris is a student at Abraham Lincoln Middle School. He is an foreign kid who transferred to Orlando and quickly became Nichole's new love interest and every more quickly became her boyfriend, ruining Eddie's chances with her in the episode Boy II Man. They were dating until the episode Keep 'Em Separated, when Chris broke up with Nichole.


Chris first appeared in the episode Boy II Man, where he first came to the school. Nichole instantly fell in love with him and they started dating. Chris showed that he was really good at doing voice impressions and did many of them. Nichole, fake laughed at them, trying to get him on her good side.

In the episode Phil's Phaves, he was mentioned when Eddie and Nichole talked about him. This is also the episode where Nichole first started using the nickname "Hot Chris".

In the episode Keep 'Em Separated, Chris was briefly seen in a cutaway, where he was seen breaking up with Nichole, saying "Hasta la Vista, baby. Forever." Nichole also came up with the new nickname "Dumbass Chris" for him.

Episode Appearances


  • Nichole has the nickname "Hot Chris" for him.
    • In the episode Keep 'Em Separated, Nichole changed it to "Dumbass Chris" once they broke up.

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