"Citizen Jessica"
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Citizen Jessica is the 4th episode of the 3rd season of Fresh Off the Boat.


At the time when the 1996 election for Bill Clinton vs Bob Dole is coming up, Jessica roots for California Proposition 187 (an initiative to increase screening to deport illegal immigrants) to get passed, while Louis discourages her from doing so believing that the proposition is, in his ideology, anti-Asian. Or could it be because of a secret concerning Hector?

Meanwhile, Emery aggressively orders people to vote for Bob Dole feeling that the Republican Party deserve regaining control of the country.

In another sub-plot, Eddie is upset that Biggie Smalls is being accused by MTV of having assassinated 2Pac, and he gets torn apart from his friends over this issue.


  • Louis orders Jessica to use the term "undocumented immigrant" instead of "illegal immigrant", proving he tends to be politically correct. However, an undocumented immigrant is just about the same as an illegal immigrant as U.S. laws require immigrants to be documented, the only defense in using that term is to be more polite, not more accurate.
  • So far, this episode has given more dialogue and attention to Hector than the past episodes.
  • California Proposition 187 was passed by 58.93% in real life.
  • Hector claims the cheat code to reaching Mike Tyson in the NES game Punch-Out! is 007-373-596, but he was one 3 short at the end, the real cheat code is 007-373-5963. Go ahead and use this code.
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