Dave's Mom
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Dave's Mom
Birth Date
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Mrs. Selby
Also known as
Manner of death
Orlando, Florida
The Selby House
Family members
Dave Selby (biological son), Mr. Selby (Ex-husband)
Dave's Mom or Mrs. Selby is the mother of Dave Selby. She appeared in the episode The Big 1-2.


Dave's Mom is a very cool and nice mom. She has very little rules in her house and she basically lets Dave do whatever he wants. She allows him to watch inappropriate television, eat junk food, and even intentionally fart on her. She even established a game where they both fart on each other and the person who ends up farting on the other more, by the end of the day, wins. However, at the end of the day, Dave's mom always tells him that he needs to go to bed, causing Dave to scream in anger at her, and for her to retaliate. The two of them will swear and say they hate each other and the day will end with her slamming the door in his face and going into her room where she will dance off her anger while listening to Whitney Houston music.

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