This is so good so good and so pricy

The Dine and Dashers are 3 unnamed boys who dine and dash from Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse appear as the main antagonists in Home Sweet Home-School.


Having concocted a plan to escape without paying, the teenagers ordered the most expensive items on the menu which included boned-in ribeye steak, croutons, bread appetizers, 3 green birthday cake slices with candles and red wine. Louis then pleads with them not to dine and dash after Jessica immediately urged that they are planning to do so. Louis then goes to confront them, but the boys just about stall the talk. The 3 boys also insult Evan should have been a girl (to which Louis adds that his name would have been Emily).

The boys lie that they will pay it off with one of their dads' credit card, but immediately run out on the check, having fled silent and quick like ninjas. Louis laments this, while Jessica isn't the slightest bit shocked due to her philosophy that people are self-centered and steal whenever they are granted the opportunity. Not that Jessica's any different.

Jessica then goes after them, colliding 2 of them with her van and hitting 1 on the head with an onion. She orders the 3 to go back to the restaurant to pay off the bill and apologize to Louis.


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