"Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon"
Season 1
Episode 12
Total Episode Count 12
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"Very Superstitious"
"So Chineez"

Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon is the twelfth episode of season one of Fresh off the boat.


Louis teaches Eddie about playing basketball, revealing a surprising backstory, that he used to do that when he was younger. However, Eddie and his team are lazily just relying on their best player Dmitri, a very athletic and tall 11-year old who somewhat looks and sounds much older, to lead them to victory, which Louis opposes wanting the boys to learn about teamwork and effort. Later on, it is proven that Louis is right that the boys can't always just rely on the best player, which just so happens when Louis knocks Dmitri out and injures both his arms.

In the subplot with much less screen time, Jessica takes control of Evan and Emery's school play "The Sunflower Gang Goes to Yumland" and gives the whole thing a rewrite to denounce acting and instead encourage different careers for financial success. However, at the end of the episode, Jessica's rewrites were discarded and the play with Evan and Emery is nothing more than kids in costumes of animals, rainbows, the moon and flowers being all happy and making happy random sounds with no plot, no sufficient dialogue or any comprehensible element whatsoever.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which actually came out in 2000 (making it an unlikely reference in 1995).
  • The main plot of the episode involving Louis and Eddie's conflicting views on the basketball team where the team completely relies on their best player resembles the real life situation that audiences and game goers claim the LA Lakers rely completely on Kobe Bryant to lead them to victory.
  • The family was watching All-American Girl and then Emery sarcastically said to Jessica "So, there are no Asians on TV huh?" This may have been a reference to the comments by Louis's actor, Randall Park about there being no Asians on TV.
  • Principal Thomas is shown to be extremely tolerant and very acceptant of the ethnicities of others in this episode, contradicting with her obliviously stereotyping the Asian culture in Home Sweet Home-School.


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