Dusty Nugget
Dusty Nugget is a sexual harassment seminar teacher. He was hired to teach the workers at Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse in the episode Persistent Romeo. Dusty Nugget is corrupt as he has the history of being a repeat sexual offender and that even though he claims to be "working for the good guys" now, he still expresses very heavily implied sexual harassment for the people he teaches. He is played by Brett Gelman.


  • Dusty Nugget knows Mandarin Chinese, as shown when Louis and Jessica try to secretly criticize him in their native language. He then replies that his feelings were hurt, and then states that he knows Mandarin. When Louis tries to make up for the damage, Dusty rejects Louis's apology.


Fresh Off the Boat - Season 1- Dusty Speaks Mandarin00:29

Fresh Off the Boat - Season 1- Dusty Speaks Mandarin

Dusty shows his proficiency in speaking Mandarin

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