"Family Business Trip"
Family Business Trip
Season 2
Episode 1
Total Episode Count 14
Written By Nahnatchka Khan
Directed By Lynn Shelton
Production Code 201
Air Date September 22, 2015
Episode Guide
"So Chineez"
"Boy II Man"

Family Business Trip is the season premiere of Season 2 of Fresh off the Boat.


Louis takes the family on vacation and passes it off as a "Family Business Trip" to keep Jessica appeased and Eddie is in desperate need to do something amazing over the summer. Meanwhile, Evan is worried that he is no longer being considered the "baby" of the family.


The episode begins with Evan doing a recap of season one, the same way Eddie did in the episode So Chineez. It is then shown that he is signing this in a kid's yearbook, at the yearbook signings at the end of the school year. Emery is at his table, signing yearbooks with his "autographs" to all of the girls who love him at the school. Eddie is saying goodbye to Nichole, sad because of the fact that she will be leaving next year. He later talks to his friends, telling them that he will be doing something amazing over the summer for next year, but they warn him that he needs to bring proof that he did that or else he will be shunned for lying like "Fake Kay Anderson". Eddie tells them that he's "pumped" for the next year, referencing to him getting a new pair of 95 reebok pumps. Eddie spends his entire summer, sitting on the couch and watching TV, to keep his pumps preserved until he sees a horrifying news report from Ed Lover, announcing that Jo Stockman has been seen wearing those exact shoes and that they are no longer cool anymore.

Louis is getting ready for a business trip and shows Jessica that he bought a new Sharkskin suit for work, hoping that this will me a more notable characteristic about his person than being Chinese but Jessica doesn't think it will work. She then gives the kids Evan their new clothes which comes as a dismay to Evan and Eddie. Eddie because he needs some new cool clothing, but all of his shirts have pictures of people such as Jefferson Starship and Reading Rainbow, simply because they were black, and Evan because he is getting shoes with laces instead of Velcro, which means that he is growing into a "big boy" and is no longer he "baby" of the family.

Honey comes to visit Jessica for their next book club but she is stressed out because of all the work she's been doing. Honey suggests that they go on vacation, but she laughs in her face because of this. Louis calls her, asking where his suspenders are and she so comes into the closet to find them for him, and notices that his swim trunks are missing. She gets suspicious about this "family business trip" that he's going on and confronts him about it, asking him he brought along things like swim trunks and tenniss balls, suspecting that he's going on a vacation. Louis continues to deny this and says that they're just having their business meeting at a very nice place. Eddie overhears that they're going to "Gator World" and gets excited, because of a ride called The Death Roll, which would gain his popularity at school. Jessica decides to have the entire family come along for Louis' little "Family Business Trip".


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Rob Riggle as Gator Dan


  • As of this episode, Chelsey Crisp, actress for Honey, has been upgraded to a member of the main cast.
  • Rob Riggle is a guest star in this episode, but appeared for less than a minute.
  • Table read for this season debut began on July 29, 2015.
  • This is the first episode not to feature Eddie Huang's adult narrative.
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