"Gotta Be Me"
Gotta Be Me
Season 2
Episode 22
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"Rent Day"
"The Manchurian Dinner Date"
Gotta Be Me is the 22nd episode of season 2 of Fresh off the Boat.


Emery is getting bullied because the other kids are going through puberty without him and Louis helps him become popular at school again. Jessica wants to be a fun mom in front of Eddie.


Jessica and Eddie Story

The episode begins with Louis trying to rent a movie, but then he is told that he has outstanding fees for late rental movies. Louis then demands his family to confess which one of them did so, but none of them would, then he claims he won't get angry, he's just curious over who's been using his membership card at the video store.

Then, Eddie asks Jessica to sign a permission slip for a field trip, but Jessica refuses to let him go, making Eddie angry, but now he's even angrier at his mom, since the field trip meant a lot of sentiment to him and he's already mad at her for the way she has treated him during the course of the show. Jessica then asserts to Honey that she's proud of refusing Eddie the field trip, and Honey compliments Jessica for not doing so, then reveals the field trip is for Colonial Floridatowne, that details the history and lifestyles of the earliest Europeans who arrived in the United States. Honey complains that Colonial Floridatowne is boring and mediocre, but then Jessica objects that it is very respectful to history and she believes it is very much parallel to the way she lives, so not only does she immediately sign Eddie up for the field trip, but tags along.

Jessica then dons a new personality, being more positive and energetic, and decides to have Eddie and his friends go on a separate route when they are at Colonial Floridatowne. Eddie's friends praise Jessica for being so fun, and even Eddie agrees, but then he suddenly snaps at Jessica that she could have been Fun Mom this whole time, storming off deciding that Jessica won't be Fun Mom anymore now that the field trip's over. Jessica is dejected, but then lectures Eddie that she can't be Fun Mom all the time, or else her sons won't do their homework or focus on school. Eddie accepts this, and the episode ends with Eddie teaching Jessica how to play Mario Brothers.

Louis and Emery Story

In the subplot, Louis searches for who's been using his membership card to rent movies that are all about masculinity, especially since all the movies' VHS covers are filled with muscular shirtless men. Louis then suspects it's Jessica and tries making himself more appealing, but then waits at nighttime to catch who's been hiding all those movies. It turns out to be Emery. Louis then decides that Emery wants to be more masculine to match his friends since he and his friends are going through puberty. Louis encourages Emery to use more assertive language, but with this kind of propaganda from his dad, Emery gets into a fight at school and beaten up badly with a black eye. Louis denies having any fault of this when Emery blames him, but then his mom claims that Louis is a sycophant, having too often shouted cheers for specific teams or causes to make people like him in crowds, pointing out to flashbacks at his restaurant. Louis realizes that he shouldn't do this anymore, especially since he didn't even know or care what team he is cheering for, he just wanted people to like him, and goes to apologize to Emery.




  • This is the third episode where Grandma gives moral advice to shame Louis into improvement, a method known as satire. The first is "Fajita Man" and the second is "Rent Day".

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