Grandma Chu
Grandma Chu is Jessica and Connie's very negligent mother. She used to and still does give very little if any attention to her daughters during their childhoods and rarely showed any pride in what they accomplished. Since then, Jessica and Connie have been constantly arguing and fighting for her approval and Connie has managed to be her favorite. She appeared in the episode "Success Perm".

Grandma Chu can be blamed for the Huang family's problem of being unable to get along throughout the whole show, since she drove Jessica insane from her harsh parenting and caused Jessica to become a domineering control freak towards everyone.


She is proof that Jessica wasn't shown any motherly love, which can prove why Jessica herself is a very self-centered mother and wife towards Eddie, Louis, Emery and Evan. In the same episode, Jessica forced Emery and Evan to sleep inside a closet, suggesting that Grandma Chu has done things just as bad if not worse than forcing Jessica to sleep in a closet back in her childhood.

At the end of the episode, she and Grandma Huang develop a crush on the black man who confiscated Steve's Miata due to default loans, but then found Evan and Emery sleeping in it and returned the two.

Grandma Chu returned in a flashback in Boy II Man. Jessica claims the only time she "defied" her mother was when she wanted to pick her own shoes. Instead, her mother refused and showed her a coffin remarking this girl wanted to pick out her own shoes too.

She returned in Huangsgiving, where it is revealed that she forces her children to answer her phone call at 5 AM as to where she wants the Thanksgiving party to be hosted.

While she doesn't appear in the next Thanksgiving-themed episode "No-Thanksgiving", Jessica mentions that her mom killed 3 full-grown Thanksgiving turkeys in just one week with no problem.

Episode Appearances

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