Grandpa Huang
Grandpa is the grandpa of the Huang family. He is Louis' father. He has never actually appeared in the show because he is presumably dead. He was mentioned in the episode Fajita Man. Louis described him as someone who had to work very hard as a child and worked him hard in return as an adult. He was also shown to not have been very happy ever, and that the picture of him was himself at his happiest.

Eddie's demands for $50 for a new video game is what drove Louis to decide that he needed to be as strict to Eddie as Grandpa was on him. Louis then keeps making hyperboles that Grandpa had 3 kids at Eddie's age, his ear melted off, he sold bread hot enough to give him third-degree burns and he only got an egg for his birthday before later on stating "As I say that I realize I'm exaggerating, but it could have happened". Grandma then however asked Louis if his dad in turn respected him as well, claiming that not only was his dad a hard worker, but also was cruel and unfair to other people.

Episode Appearances

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