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Grandma Huang
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Lucille Soong
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Grandpa (husband), Louis Huang (biological son), Jessica Huang (daughter in-law), Eddie Huang (grandson), Evan Huang (grandson), Emery Huang (grandson),
Jenny Huang is the eldest member of the Huang family. She is Louis' mother who lives at the house with the family. Unlike the rest of the family, she doesn't know how to speak English so she'll always speak in Mandarian whereas subtitles will appear on the screen. Ironically, Jenny understands English all the way and can perfectly respond in Mandarin to the rest of her family, who are all fluent in English. Jenny is an avid fan of Garfield, the comic strip about an orange cat who loves lasagna and hates Mondays.

Jenny is somewhat spoiled and selfish. She leeches off both Louis and Jessica to provide room, food, clothing and television for her. Jenny claims she doesn't have any friends because she cut them off many years ago and has no problem with tight solitude. Nevertheless, at the end of several episodes she often gives out moral lessons to her son Louis to help him understand the mistakes he might make as a father.

Episode Appearances


  • It is a running gag in the show for people to forget about Grandma. Mostly, it's when they're getting into the car to go somewhere. A few notable moments would be at the end of So Chineez, where The Huang Family was seen leaving to go on vacation, leaving her behind to scream and yell at them. In the episode Family Business Trip, The Huang Family makes a checklist of everything they need to go to Gator World, and they forget about Grandma, who's impatiently waiting in the driveway. In Boy II Man, Louis and Jessica are in a rush to do multiple different things, and they make a plan on how to do all of them. After they finally complete the list, Grandma calls out in the back of the car, complaining that they forgot her and her friends, who want to be dropped off at a place, where they're having poker night. In the episode Year of the Rat, the family gets into the car to go to the airport. Louis says to himself, "Dammit, we forgot-" only to be cut off by Grandma, saying "I'm in here!", being shown to actually be in the car with them.
  • Although Grandma is a main character and a member of the Huang family and household, she has not appeared in every episode. Grandma has been completely absent throughout the entire episodes of Phillip Goldstein, Love and Loopholes, and Phil's Phalves.
  • In the episode "Hi, My Name Is ..." it was revealed that her first name is Jenny.