Jordan and raquel

Jordan (right) and Raquel (left)

Jordan and Raquel are two very lazy and immature American citizens who Jessica rented a high-priced house to in the Season 2 episode "Rent Day". Jordan and Raquel are a married couple with (proudly) no children.

They serve as the main antagonists of Jessica's plot in the episode, in which they harass Jessica morally, verbally and financially, since they become squatters who take up a house she gave to them since she mistook them to be doctors, but really they are school drop-outs and with a terrible credit rating.

They refuse to have any children, but then it turns out they're on the same brain level as children as they play with remote control cars, video games and order take-out food all the time.

The two turn out to be law school dropouts who Jessica immediately presumed were doctors since they claimed that they're now "in medicine". However, those two weren't being specific (or accurate), and it turns out they're actually just unemployed and dropped out from law school. This drives her to pressure Jordan and Raquel to study for the bar exams and try to evict them out, but the pair order her not to do so or they can have her arrested after learning it from their bar exam manual.

At the end of the episode, Jessica reveals that she gave ownership of the property to others, and now Jordan and Raquel are the new owners' problem, not her's anymore.

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