"Keep 'Em Separated"
Keep 'Em Separated
Season 2
Episode 15
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"Tight Two"
Keep 'Em Separated is the fifteenth episode of season two of Fresh off the Boat.


Jessica is tired of Louis interrupting her when she's spending time with Honey, despite the fact that all Jessica and Honey ever do is "chew the fat" and talk about pointless topics. Seeing how Louis is now that he no longer has any friends in Orlando as he used to back in D.C., Jessica pressures him to go back to playing pool and find friends there. Louis then mentions that he did find a friend, much to Jessica's delight, only for Louis then to reveal that the friend is a woman. Jessica assumes that Louis is cheating on her with this woman, but then it turns out all instead of having an affair, all Louis ever does with his new friend is talk about boring, uninteresting topics.

Meanwhile, Nichole and Chris break up and Eddie fears that Alison won't like the fact that he used to have a crush on her.





  • (Jessica and Honey are avoiding Louis, by hanging out at a lesbian bar)
  • Honey: Doesn't it feel a little weird, hiding from your husband like this?
  • Deb: Here we go.
  • Jessica: Louis is great but ever since he stopped staying late to close the restaurant, he's just been around a lot more and sometimes, you just want girl time.
  • Deb: Mmm-hmm.

  • Honey: If I was a ghost, I would haunt the female traffic attendant, which would cause an accident, making more ghosts.
  • Jessica: Thank you, that's all I wanted to know.

  • (The boys and Alison are reading a magazine)
  • Brian: All the ladies in here are fully clothed.
  • Eddie: Hey, you see Whitney in your mailbox. You grab her and go.
  • Alison: I get it, she's like your Mario Van Peebles.

  • Alison: So, long story short, you can't make raisin bread in the microwave.
  • Eddie: Uh-huh. So, I was hanging on the buses today and I saw you talking with Nichole.
  • Alison: Oh, yeah. We met on the couch in the bathroom.

  • Eddie: So um, no big surprises or anything? No big reveals?
  • Alison: No, nothing like that. She was just really cool. I totally get why you had a crush on her.
  • Eddie: Whaaaaat?
  • Alison: It's cool. She's badass.
  • Eddie: Wait, so, you're not mad?
  • Alison: Fart, no. You and I are cool. Besides, that was before we even knew each other. We don't care about old crushes.
  • Eddie: Of course we don't. That's what I was saying.
  • Alison: It's like how you don't care about my old crush on Dave.
  • Eddie: ... Dave who?
  • Alison: Dave. Your best friend, Dave. I saw him beating a squirrel once and thought it was cute.

  • Jessica: Okay, I lied about Mitch to get your out of that pool hall.
  • Louis: What? You're the one who got me to go there in the first place.
  • Jessica: Yes, because I thought you were going to meet a guy friend.
  • Louis: So, I can't be friends with a woman. Thats ridiculous I'm around women all day here.
  • Jessica: That's different. That's during the day at work.
  • Louis: So, I can never be around a woman outside of work.
  • Jessica: That's now what I'm saying. That would be crazy. All I am saying is if you're going to hang out with a woman, it has to be when the sun is up and she can't be taller than me or younger than me or weigh less than me or look like she weighs less than me. Also, you can't share food. Okay, I guess if you're stranded and you have to share food, then clear soups or broths only and you will display your wedding band close to your face at all times. Photos of your children must be present. If they themselves, can not be. If she happens to touch you, even by accident, you will excuse yourself and call me immediately. If she has smokey eye makeup, that is bad. If she has lazy eye, that's good.
  • Louis: Jessica.
  • Jessica: You will always travel in separate vehicles. Going back, lazy eye is out. It encourages eye contact and she must never have ever been or even wanted to be a gymnast. Oh, and this goes without saying, but no Denzel movies.


  • The title of this episode is a pun on the song of the same name.
  • It is revealed that Louis used to have a passion for pool, which he gets re-interested in, in this episode.
  • Chris shortly returns in this episode and breaks up with Nichole, ending their short-lived relationship that started in Boy II Man.
  • Eddie once again breaks the rule that he and Alison made for themselves, in Good Morning Orlando. Eddie and Alison said that they would always be open with each other and never keep any secrets. Here, Eddie keeps it a secret that he used to be in love with Nichole. However, he uses this rule as an excuse for breaking it, saying that the whole reason he wouldn't tell her was because it was too late and that if he did, it'd make it sound like he's hiding something.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Alison has a brother.
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