"License to Sell"
License to Sell
Season 1
Episode 9
Total Episode Count 9
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"Phillip Goldstein"
"Blind Spot"

License to Sell is the ninth episode of season one of Fresh off the boat.


Jessica needs to get a license before she can officially sell houses and she's determined to do the best when it comes to taking the test. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to find out what he and Nichole have in common.



End Tag

Louis plays in the hairdryer as if on an intergalactic mission and speaks another woman's name as his spaceship is in crisis. Jessica gets annoyed, implying she has been listening the entire time though in bed and pretending to be disinterested. Louis ejects himself from the hairdryer.


  • This episode was originally intended to air on March, 19th, but it went on a one week hiatus.
  • This episode continues the events of Fajita Man in a few ways.
    • Jessica still has her job as a realtor.
    • The kids mentioned that they forgive Shaq for Shaq Fu.
    • Walter has now joined Eddie's group of friends.
  • Emery mentioned that he was still dating Bianca from The Shunning.
  • In one shot when Emery and Evan are playing in the hair dryer, some shooting equipment can be seen in the right.
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