"Love and Loopholes"
Season 2
Episode 12
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"Year of the Rat"
"Phil's Phalves"
Love and Loopholes is the fourteenth episode of season two of Fresh off the Boat. It is the first Valentine's Day special.


Trent wins tickets for Eddie and Alison to go to the Janet Jackson concert. Trent, however, gets greedy and wants one of the tickets, when they only have two. Meanwhile, Emery's idyllic views on love are ruined when he walks in on his parents "Doing their taxes."





  • This is the first Valentine's Day special of Fresh off the Boat.
  • Emery walks in on Louis and Jessica, while they're home alone. At first, they make it look like he's about to see them having sex, but when it actually shows them, they're literally doing their taxes. This is a joke on the term "Doing the taxes" is a commonly used euphemism for having sex, that people use, when talking about it in front of children.
  • This episode reveals that Louis and Jessica unromantically met in a seafood restaurant, waiting in the separate lines for the bathroom, needing to "dispose of" their food poisoning.
  • This episode reveals that aside from Sarah, Marvin was actually married to another woman named Lucinda, who was the fiddler in a western country band.
  • Grandma was absent in this episode.
  • This is the first episode not to feature any cutaway gags.


  • The back and forth transitioning between the two side plots of Eddie and Emery were contradicting with time. The entire side plot of Eddie's story was supposed to take place in one night, while Emery's story continued on into the next day while Eddie's was still going.
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