"Phil's Phaves"
Phil's Phalves
Season 2
Episode 13
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"Love and Loopholes"
"Micheal Chang Fever"
Phil's Phaves is the fifteenth episode of season two of Fresh off the Boat.


Louis and Jessica get a computer and are shocked when they come across a website that gives Cattleman's Ranch a bad review and try their darnedest to bump their grade up. Meanwhile, Eddie writes a mix tape for Alison which falls into the wrong hands.





  • Albert Tsaim reprises his role of Phillip Goldstein from the season one episode, making him a recurring character.
  • Alison's last name is revealed to be Olsen in this episode.
  • Nichole mentions Chris from the episode Boy II Man, and says that she's still dating him and pretending that all his voice impressions are hilarious.
  • Phillip walks into the room, speaking in Yiddish. Unlike when othe characters speak in Chinese, Phillip's phrase was not translated in subtitles. His Yiddish phrase translates to "Mother, have you seen my ... Oy." So, he was asking his mother where something was, but got cut off in mid-sentence, when he saw Louis and Jessica, sitting in his house, and expressed his unhappiness for seeing them.
    • His mother then responds to him, telling him not to speak Yiddish in front of the Goyman. "Goyman" is also another Yiddish word that means plural "Gentiles", meaning that she was breaking her own rule, to make a semi-off-color joke about the Huang family not being Jewish.
  • This is the third episode where Grandma didn't appear. The other two episodes were Phillip Goldstein and Love and Loopholes.
  • Nichole tells Eddie that he never made her a mix tape. This would imply that they were dating, even though that never actually happened. They just became great friends.
  • In the episode Good Morning Orlando, Eddie and Alison promised to found their relationship on telling the truth and communicating with each other openly, about everything. However, in this episode Eddie breaks that rule by refraining from calling her multiple times, keeping it a secret that his mix tape fell into the wrong hands, and trying to cover it up, without her even knowing about it.
  • You can visit Phil's website on a computer and see his reviews at Phil's Phaves


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