Season 1

February 4, 2015 - April 21, 2015

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Season 1 is the first season of Fresh Off the Boat. The season premiered on February 4, 2015 and concluded on April 21, 2015.


It’s the '90s and 12 year old, hip-hop loving Eddie just moved to suburban Orlando from DC’s Chinatown with his parents. It’s culture shock for his immigrant family in this comedy about pursuing the American dream.


Main Cast


The Huang family moves to Orlando so that Louis can be closer to his new job at Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse. Eddie, already hating the idea of moving to begin with, begins to struggle to fit in with the other kids at his new school. He experiences racist jokes from his new friends and straight-out, sincere racism from Walter, who soon becomes his worst enemy. Jessica is also struggling as she has found herself baffled by the differences between American and Asian culture, and also has trouble fitting in with a group of friends, led by a racially oblivious woman named Deidre. Even Louis himself is having trouble attracting customers to his new restaurant. Evan and Emery on the other hand, fit in perfectly right away. Emery immediately becomes really popular and starts a dating spree, constantly loving and leaving other girls at his school and Evan makes tons of friends who do nothing but laugh and have a good time with him. Eddie makes a group of friends who are more of frenemies than they are actual friends. He and Walter become enemies when it comes to a racist battle between them, and Eddie's onto true friend is a kid next door to him named Dave, with a poor family and a neglectful father. Jessica makes a friend who is just as good named Honey who is the outcast if the group of friends, led by Deidre, making her have to keep their friendship a secret, until she stands up to the group and manages to maintain her relationship with the others, only not as well as before. Eddie falls in love with Honey's stepdaughter Nichole who hates her stepmother and doesn't give a rat's ass for Eddie either. Eddies constantly stalks and obsesses over her, trying to make her love him, but she keeps blowing him off. Overtime though, Eddie becomes friends with her, which leads to a more positive reaction between the two, but also the same pattern of Eddie constantly hitting on her and getting rejected. Jessica gets a job as a real estate agent which becomes a bigger success than that of Louis' restaurant. Louis als tries desperately to make his job a success by constantly making a bunch of ridiculous events happen there and installing some meaningless attractions but his restaurant still managed to stay pretty run down. He also makes a rival restaurant, once the Golden Saddle accuses him for ripping them off. Louis eventually gets help from Marvin to promote his restaurant and it makes Cattleman's Ranch popular enough to have a store in the mall food court called Cattleman's Express. In the end, Eddie, Jessica, and Louis all managed to conquer their problems with the new move to Orlando and outshine all of their rivals, making them all ready for the rest of the challenges ahead of them in Orlando.


No. overall No. in
Title Original air date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 "Pilot" February 4, 2015 101 7.94
2 2 "Home Sweet Home-School" February 4, 2015 103 7.47
3 3 "The Shunning" February 10, 2015 102 6.05
4 4 "Success Perm" February 10, 2015 104 5.86
5 5 "Persistent Romeo" February 17, 2015 105 6.17
6 6 "Fajita Man" February 24, 2015 106 5.79
7 7 "Showdown at the Golden Saddle" March 3, 2015 107 6.02
8 8 "Phillip Goldstein" March 10, 2015 108 5.08
9 9 "License to Sell" March 24, 2015 109 4.92
10 10 "Blind Spot" March 31, 2015 110 4.83
11 11 "Very Superstitious" April 7, 2015 111 4.85
12 12 "Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon" April 14, 2015 112 4.76
13 13 "So Chineez" April 21, 2015 113 5.08