Steve is Louis' old boss and Connie's husband. He appeared in the episode "Success Perm". He is played by C.S. Lee.


Steve first appeared in the episode Success Perm. where he kept gloating to Eddie's family about how rich they are by showing off his Power Macintosh 9500, a Mazda MX-5 Miata and that his family do have very nice things. He completely goes on to brag about his car being the new 1995 model.

However at the end of the episode, when Louis and Jessica admit that they covered up their lower middle class status, Steve's Miata is gone. He calls the police claiming that it's a 1995 new Miata, but the police correct him that because it is British racing green-painted, the car is a 1993 model and Louis realizes the car is used. The policeman on the phone claims that they confiscated his car claiming it was repossessed because Steve was behind on payments, exposing that Steve and Connie are financially in a worse state than Louis and Jessica.

Episode Appearances


  • It is presumed that following the episode, Steve will have to file for bankruptcy soon due to huge debt. Connie and Steve's marriage fell apart due to this.


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