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The Real Santa is the tenth episode, Christmas special, and season two finale of Fresh off the Boat.


Jessica deceives Evan to believe that Santa Claus is a Chinese man and an expert scientist, but this is all just for Jessica's further attempts to have Evan study even harder for school as well as embrace his Chinese cultural heritage. Louis objects to Jessica doing so because she is sabotaging Christmas this way, which turns out to be true.

When Evan decides to ask Santa a whole bunch of physics and math-related questions, Louis and Jessica worry of which Santa to give Evan to. At first, Mitch was given the role but then they settle on Marvin and bolt up his knowledge of science and math to prepare for Evan's questions. The plan fails, and Principal Thomas settles on replacing Santa with Panny.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Emery go off, shopping for the perfect Christmas present to but for their mom.





  • This is the first Christmas-themed episode of Fresh off the Boat. This is the third holiday-themed episode, after the episodes centered on Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • Louis makes a reference to the Pilot episode, reminding Evan of how he hired Mitch to be the "White face" of Cattleman's.


  • Jessica: Evan, we've been lying to you. This Santa is Mitch and look. This Santa is Marvin. Both of these Santas are fake because the real Santa ... is Chinese.
  • Evan: What?
  • Louis: What?
  • Evan: Santa's Chinese?
  • Jessica: Yes! Why do you think all the toys he delivers say "Made in China"? Right, Louis?
  • Louis: Uh ... Right. Right and uh, ... How about how Santa wears a red suit? Nothing more Chinese than the color red.
  • Evan: I've never seen a Chinese Santa.
  • Jessica: Oh, of course you haven't. Real Santa doesn't have time to be standing around, ringing the bell on every street corner.
  • Evan: Then why all the white Santas?
  • Louis: Uh, well, remember when I first opened Cattleman's and hired Mitch to be the white face of the restaurant? Chinese Santa's doing the same thing.
  • Jessica: Ah, all these whites Santas and just Chinese Santa's Mitches.
  • Evan: Oh.
  • Mitch: I never knew this.
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