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The Sunflower Gang Goes to Yumland is a school play at Palms Elementary School. The director is Principal Thomas. The play has no plot, no sufficient dialogue, no message and no true acting other than making happy sounds and noises all in order to avoid offending anyone. While the play's lack of literary comprehensive elements can be blamed on denouncing any freedom of speech to avoid offending anyone, it can also be blamed on the parent supervisors being too lazy to put in any effort (1 mother just played video games the whole time during her shift). Despite the play's name, only Emery wore a sunflower costume while everyone's costumes ranged from ladybug (Evan), cherry, jujube, rainbow, ice cream, unicorn, dog and ballerina dancer.

There is a mentioned part where the kids go to Candy Corn Mountain, which implies that Yumland is a setting made entirely of candy and sweets.

Jessica rewrote the play to only include Emery, Evan and Curly Red Haired Boy (Gumdrop), seeing no use for the other 10 children. The play denounced acting and ordered that students pursue a career rather in becoming a doctor or lawyer (medical school studies or legal school studies). While ladybug Evan became a successful judge and sunflower Emery a doctor, they find Gumdrop has become a homeless bum on the street who has been unemployed for months since his acting career flopped.

Principal Thomas however discarded anything Jessica input (as well as restoring whatever Jessica discarded) and reversed the play to its original plot but only with different costumes for Evan and Emery. The parents enjoyed it very much. Louis and Jessica decided it didn't matter if the play was good or not.

This play appeared in Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon


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