"We Done Son"
We Done Son
Season 2
Episode 9
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"The Real Santa"
We Done Son is the ninth episode of season two of Fresh off the Boat. In this episode, Jessica breaks off from her best friend Honey for selfish reasons while ironically Louis reconciles with a money-grubbing unkind friend.


Eddie wants to get a necklace for Alison's birthday but it's too expensive, so he gets a job as a babysitter. Meanwhile, Louis' old college roommate, Barry comes to visit, but Jessica has the suspicion that he's only coming to ask him for money.

Meanwhile, Honey proposes to Jessica that they both attend a housing customer service seminar, but Jessica refuses because being naturally arrogant she dislikes seminars. Jessica breaks up her friendship with Honey as retaliation for Honey not believing Madame Xing's predictions to avoid putting a certain house on the market for 3 months. Honey meanwhile becomes agitated that ever since they met, all Jessica did for her was trash all her opinions and insult her. At first, Jessica is proud of having cut Honey off out of pride, but then she sees Grandma Huang watching "Wheel of Fortune" all by herself, and after talking with Grandma about why she's so lonely, Jessica realizes that Grandma is an old lonely woman who has no friends all because she was (and still is) too impatient or selfish. Jessica, fearing that she will grow up to be lonely when she's as old as Grandma, immediately runs back to Honey pretending that their argument never happened, who shoos her away complaining she's fed up with Jessica's shallowness. Instead of apologizing, Jessica says she forgives Honey, and so Honey again kicks Jessica out of her house. Meanwhile, Louis and Barry are having lunch together at Cattleman's, but soon Barry starts begging Louis to invest in a business that sells used products. Louis politely refuses, claiming he already invested all his money as capital for his steakhouse, and that Barry's ideas aren't too bright. Barry however won't stop begging.

Jessica is left disappointed that now she doesn't have any friends, and runs to Louis for advice. Louis, also concerned about this, advises that she go apologize to Honey. Jessica resorts to attending the housing seminar that Honey kept mentioning, and apologizes, which Honey accepts, so they hug. Then the seminar's manager makes a bigoted comment that he hates seeing 2 women of a different race (Asian and White) hug. In the meantime, Louis kicks Barry out of his house and orders him to leave, and Barry lashes out at him with insults as he leaves.

At the end, Jessica goes along with Honey's request to sell the house already, but they are ordered by the housing safety inspector that legally speaking, they must wait 3 months since there is the health hazard of black mold. Jessica then makes a comeback to Honey, "We just got Xing-ed".



  • Trent: That's okay that I got beaten by a girl. I'm secure like that.
  • Brian: Strike!

  • Evan: I don't understand, mom. I thought Honey was your best friend.
  • Jessica: There is no such thing as a "best friend", Evan. That is just something made up by Hello Kitty to sell more Hello Kitty.


  • Evan ironically told Honey "I always liked you" despite that he scorned and condemned Honey in her debut appearance, "The Shunning", although then again he might have just lied to make her feel good.
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